How to Pay Your Fine Online

You can pay for your fine online for one of the following fines:

Click here to view examples of the above fine types. You cannot use this website to pay for fines issued on behalf of a local authority or to pay for endorsable fines.


Online Payment Process

When you pay for your fine online you are taken through the following steps:

  1. Select the type of fine you wish to pay then enter the appropriate reference or account number.

  2. If your fine is found, confirm your fine details by entering your surname or vehicle registration. This allows us to identify the correct fine.

  3. If your fine is successfully identified and can be paid online, check the fine details and confirm you wish to make a payment.

  4. You are directed to a secure payment site where you enter your card details. We do not retain any of your credit or debit card details.

  5. If payment is successful, a Payment Confirmation page is displayed (which you can print) and your account will be credited.


Please note: you may be unable to pay your fine online. Click here for more details.